Python programmer

From 600$

From 1 to 3 years

Full-time employment

Flexible schedule

We are engaged in the preparation and implementation of energy service projects, software development in the field of Smart Cities, development and production of automated lines for the assembly of lighting systems.

Within the company we have our own IT department, which is engaged in the design and development of internal IT products - production management system and ASUNO system.

We use: Python 3, PostgreSQL, aiopg, asyncpg, Flask, Aiohttp, FastAPI, pytest, Swagger.


Expand the functionality of the production management application (ERP);

Development and support of an automated outdoor lighting control system (ALCS);

Development of internal software products for the company;


Development experience from 1 year (we will wait for your code references)

Knowledge of Python 3 language, ability to write readable code

Understanding of the basics and principles of OOP and FP

Knowledge of SQL database basics. We use PostgreSQL

Understanding of HTTP, REST-API, DNS principles

Skills in working with git, in Linux-based systems

Desire to learn new subject areas, ability to analyze and solve problems independently.

Will be a plus, but not required:

Experience with monitoring systems

Experience in writing tests (unit, e2e)

Experience with continuous integration systems


Timely payment of salary, increase in salary based on performance.

Ability to work completely remotely.

Flexible work schedule: from 9 to 18:00 or from 10 to 19:00.

Friendly and responsive team, informal and democratic atmosphere.

Opportunity to create your own projects.

We value employees who want to participate in the development process and make their own suggestions.

Join our team! Send your resume to and we will definitely consider it.

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