Smart Solutions

Our philosophy follows the Industry 4.0 design principles and powers up a number of dedicated solutions and know-how.

Automated and Robotized Line

Most manufacturing operations to produce our luminaires are performed by the robotized systems. The production process is managed by an information system in real time.

Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant interacts with our suppliers and customers, and unites the production facility, the suppliers and the customers into one goods and services supply chain.

Joint Production Model

We help to select equipment, make lighting designs, and produce luminaires. You can rent our production facility.

Digital Twin

We have a complete digital twin of our manufacturing line, technological processes and warehouses.

Open Industrial Showroom

We keep our production site open to the potential customers and partners. We can always demonstrate the manufacturing operations and the digital twin of our company.

Light as Service

Lighting modernization without investment costs. Payback by power saved.

Smart warehouses of finished products and materials.

The production process includes smart storage systems with implemented remote control of stocks and spare parts availability.

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