“If the norm for this intersection is 30 lux, then the measurements we carried out showed that there were only 6 lux here. By this evening, and this can be measured, there will be about 70 lux. That is, 2 times more than the norm established by all SNiPs and GOSTs"
Pavel Sandberg
Director of the Petrozavodsk Energy Systems Enterprise
“We note that the installed lamps comply with the lighting technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer, the requirements for energy efficiency and energy saving. The use of lamps is ensured by a high degree of protection, resistance to vandalism, and ease of installation.”
G.P. Vedernikov
Director of MUP HPP
“... we appreciated the technical characteristics of the products: indicators of illumination, pulsation, energy savings. A reasonable price with decent quality lamps is one of the reasons we use these products.”
A.M. Fedorov
General Director of LLC "TD Era - Karelia"
“We express our sincere gratitude to PC “Energy Saving” for the prompt work, well-thought-out solutions and hope for further, no less fruitful, cooperation”
I.A. Guritsan
General Director of PKF Slovo LLC A.N. Lychany


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