Iledia has been operating since 2014 as a manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of led lighting equipment and lighting systems based on it.

Since 2016, the company has been specializing in the development and production of lighting systems for energy service contracts for outdoor lighting.

Iledia lighting fixtures are assembled on an automated production line – production cell created on the basis of the 4.0. Industry concept. The production line is developed and assembled by one of the divisions of the company.

Today, we specialize in the manufacturing of:

- street lighting fixtures,

- industrial lighting fixtures.

1. Lensed type.

They are characterized by high energy efficiency on outdoor and industrial use.

Iledia lensed type series has been initially adapted for the needs of the energy service contract and take into account the specifics of energy service.

Efficiency of lighting fixtures at CCT 4000K and CRI70+ is not less than 160 lm/W.

There is no air between the led and the lens – the space is filled with optically transparent silicone-based gel, which reduces the loss of the optical system, as well as creates additional sealing of the led.

2. New type based on led boards.

It is used for street and industrial lighting, it obtains better characteristics in comparison with previous types, laconic design and compact overall dimensions.

The body of the lighting fixture obtains a good heat sink and a design without protruding cooling ribs, preventing the accumulation of dirt on the cooling surface. The temperature of the lighting fixture body does not exceed the ambient temperature by more than 20∘C at the hottest point.

Console mounting, power supply compartment and body with mounted led boards with secondary optics are made in the form of separate modules. Design solution makes the manufacture and repair of fixtures technologically simple.

All lighting fixtures developed by our designers are equipped with high-quality power supplies having a number of advantages:

                - they are equipped with the input overvoltage protection, including protection from the insertion of the second phase to the input, therewith the power supply unit turns off when reaching 280-290 V input voltage and withstands up to 450 V non-impulse overvoltage.

                - they are optimized with respect to efficiency factor, which is not less than 90% in low-power models. At saving of PF ≥0.95 and about 1% ripple.

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