Lighting up a big country


Intended use:
Illumination of roads up to 2 lanes
Illumination of bridges
Illumination of parking spaces
Illumination of industrial sites
Illumination of filling stations
Illumination of urban streets

Installation: head piece 58 mm diameter.

Protection Rating: IP 66, 67 for the optical element and the power supply system.

The housing and the angle bracket are made of aluminium alloy. The shaped aluminium profile ensures efficient heat elimination. The luminaire design provides a high level of water and dust resistance.

Possibility to change the power supply without dismantling the luminaire on the lighting support.

Compliance with the requirements:
Compliance is confirmed by the Certificate of conformity with the following Standards: LVS EN 55015:2013+A1:2015, LVS EN 61547:2010, LVS EN 61000-3-2:2015, LVS EN 61000-3-3:2013.

Street LED luminaire with high energy efficiency and easy servicing.
The specially designed shape of the luminaire housing efficiently eliminates heat and protects all components.
High energy efficiency and reliability of the I-sberg ISI EFFECT P series LED street luminaires are confirmed by certificates.
Stylish design in silver color will suit most projects of modern transport interchanges.
Color: silver

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Abbreviated name Price
I-SBERG ISI 35 EFFECT 35 Вт On request
I-SBERG ISI 50 EFFECT 50 Вт On request